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Crossing the Finish Line



Wherever you are on your running and movement journey we can provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

Using unique running re-education techniques created by The Running and Movement School in London we focus on improving quality of movement in running and multi-directional sports so you can move better and run better!

All our running and strength programmes are tailored to the needs of the individual and therefore are suitable for beginner runners, serious amateurs, distance runners, sprinters and triathletes as well as those participating in multi-directional sports such as footballers, rugby players and so on.

Biomechanical Analysis


Biomechanical Analysis

During this 60 minute session we will review your functional movement and video your run technique.  This will allow us to identify any weaknesses, incorrect run patterns and imbalances that may be slowing you down or be the cause of repetitive niggles and injuries.


At the end we will provide you with advice on how to improve and correct any issues identified. 

Runner Crossing Finish Line


Adult Running Programme

 Designed to change and improve your Running Technique our Adult Running Programme starts with a Biomechanical Analysis which enables us to tailor all follow up coaching sessions to your needs and in line with your goal. 


Sessions will focus on learning the correct techniques combining running with strength, activation and mobility work.

Homework will be given with training and exercises specific to you.   

At the end of your programme you will receive before and after videos.

Running Shoes


Personal Training

Designed to give runners a head start our personalised strength training programmes are tailored to support your goals.  


Your strength programme will start at the right point for your current strength and be pitched at a level that whilst challenging will motivate and encourage continued progress. 


Suitable for anyone looking to return from injury, to add strength training to their running programme or are new to running and want to start strong.

Marathon Runners


Marathon Package

Our  marathon package combines our Running Technique and Strength Coaching with a bespoke training plan.


Suitable for first time marathon runners or runners looking to improve on their past efforts.  

Sports Massage


Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of deep massage,  often used as part of a training routine to help prevent injuries, prepare the body for activity, maintain it in optimal condition and promote recovery post-workout.


It can also be used in a more general way to simply relax tight and tired muscles

New clients should select 'initial consultation' when booking their first massage. 

City Running


Online Biomechanical Analysis

​After an initial conversation to gather some background information you will be asked to send (via We Transfer) a number of short videos taken using your phone or camera.


Once the videos have been received a mutually convenient time for a live video analysis (via Zoom) will be agreed when I will share with you what I see in your movements and what I feel you can do to improve your movement, make it more efficient and improve your run technique.

Contact Us to discuss and schedule your online analysis.

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Deb. E

"Clare is super supportive and encouraging.  I have developed both strength from her Run Conditioning sessions and improved my running technique that has allowed me to meet and exceed personal goals - even completing a marathon.

Most importantly Clare has helped me to develop my confidence in both running and fitness in general" 

Patrick. H

"Absolutely great experience with Clare!  I haven't run 'properly' for several years so wanted to get an analysis to see where I was going wrong/right etc..

I had a great session where we filmed each aspect from walking to sprinting to my general mobility.  The review provided really clear and very helpful instructions of how to just tighten up my form (and loosen up my hamstrings!).

I would strongly recommend for people getting back to running or even running 'properly' for the first time!

Alison. H

"Clare always manages to pitch our sessions just right - challenging enough to make gains, but not so tough that I lose motivation or feel disheartened" 

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