Clare Norris

Certified Running & Movement Coach

Dynamic Movement Skills Coach

Personal Trainer 

Sports Massage

I have always run for fitness and when I encountered a problem I was recommended to visit a Kinesiologist, that is where it all began. Through my clinic I met a number of athletes looking to understand their nutrition needs and to get their bodies and minds in the best shape for races. A few years later, I discovered Mike Antoniades, one of the world's leading coaches in running, speed development and rehabilitation at the Running and Movement School in London and trained as a Certified Running Technique Specialist and Dynamic Movement Skills Coach. I now work with adults and children looking to start their fitness journeys, improve their running technique or their performance in their chosen sport.  Having participated in a number of triathlons, 10ks, half marathons and mud runs my approach to training is primarily to have fun and I hope this is reflected in my work.

The Kent Running Coach 2019

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