Clare Norris

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Certified Running & Movement Coach

Dynamic Movement Skills Coach

Personal Trainer 

Sports Massage

About Me

I started running after the birth of my daughter and have run for fitness and the enjoyment of running ever since.  In the beginning although I loved running and the freedom it gave me it hurt sadly my body just wasn't ready for it.  I was recommended to visit a Kinesiologist and that is where it all began. I qualified as a Kinesiologist and through my clinic I met a number of athletes looking to understand their nutrition needs and to get their bodies and minds in the best shape for races so trained as a Sports Massage Therapist. A few years later, I discovered Mike Antoniades, one of the world's leading coaches in running, speed development and rehabilitation at the Running and Movement School in London and trained as a Certified Running Technique Specialist and Dynamic Movement Skills Coach. I now work with adults and children looking to start their fitness journeys, improve their running technique or their performance in their chosen sport.  Having participated in a number of triathlons, 10ks, half marathons and mud runs my approach to training is primarily to have fun and I hope this is reflected in my work.


AMANDA, Recreational Runner

I cannot believe the improvement in just 6 weeks.  You have reignited my enjoyment of running.  Your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm made the whole experience so much fun I would totally recommend your running course to anyone who wants to start running or improve their running. 

GAVIN, Dad to Will and Ted

My boys thoroughly enjoyed Clare's running training.  The Sessions were really engaging and they learnt a lot.  Both their running has improved in technique and in race times.  They are now looking forward to the upcoming football and rugby seasons to put their improved abilities to the test.  

JIM, Recreational Runner

Clare has taught me to change my running style completely.  She has made this change seem completely natural with her advice and encouragement and I achieved a 3min 10k PB!  I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with her as I aim for a half marathon in 2020!