Women's Health Workshop

Weds 15th May 7.30-9.30pm

  • Do you love to run? 

  • Do you leak urine, when you run or exercise?

  • Do you have a pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic pain that stops you running?

  • Do you want to prevent pelvic floor issues?

  • Do you want to understand the benefits of strengthening your core to improve your pelvic health?

  • Do you want to learn how to improve your running technique, reduce injury (including pelvic floor dysfunction) and run better?


We have teamed up with Emma Brockwell, aka Physiomum, a women's health physiotherapist, specialising in pelvic floor issues and running.  


Together we are delighted to bring you an interactive evening which will help you understand the importance of training your pelvic floor and core and how this can benefit your running.  We will discuss the pelvic floor, issues surrounding it, as well as the latest research around the core, exercise and running. We will guide you through short practical sessions to introduce you to some simple steps in supporting the pelvic floor, including a clinical pilates session, aimed at teaching you how to effectively activate and strengthen your core, and a running technique session aimed at highlighting simple technique changes to improve your efficiency and prevent injury. 


Tickets £25 (inc a free drink on arrival). 


Please dress in light weight clothing and bring either an exercise mat or towel. 


Sports Psychology Workshop

Sat 1st June 2.30-4.45pm with Evie Serventi 

When it comes to performance, the more you understand about your preferences in terms of behaviour style and mental approach, the better you can adapt to various sporting contexts and improve your performance. That’s what Spotlight is all about: it’s a psychological profiling tool that identifies your preferences, helps you develop these preferences in different contexts; which helps you learn to perform at your best.

Sport psychologist Evie Serventi will help you generate your own Spotlight profile. You’ll receive your bound/colour printed profile at the start of the workshop and run through a debrief. Evie will help you gain insight into your main behavioural and mindset preferences; your preference strengths, potential blind spots; your sources of confidence; how to cope under pressure ... and more. The workshop is interactive (with card activities) and educational, with an emphasis on having fun while learning!

You will learn how to connect, stay motivated and thrive in your sport, in a variety of contexts including training and pressured situations like racing - it’s all about flexing to grow, in order to improve your performance.

Tickets: £100 inc your own personalised profile and refreshments.

Sign up by contacting Evie: sportpsych@evieserventi.com by 25 May 2019 - strictly ltd to 8 places.