Running & Movement Academy

Using unique running re-education techniques created by The Running and Movement School in London we focus on improving quality of movement in running and multi-directional sports. 
All our running programmes are suitable for beginner runners, serious amateurs, distance runners, sprinters and triathletes.
Biomechanical Running Analysis 

Run Technique Programme

During this 60 minute session we will review your functional movement and video your run technique.  This will allow us to identify any weaknesses, incorrect run patterns and imbalances that may be slowing you down or be the cause of repetitive niggles and injuries. At the end we will provide you with advice on how to improve and correct any issues identified. 
This 6 week programme enables us to coach you through the changes required to correct your run technique and achieve your goal.  The first session will include a biomechanical analysis.  The next 5 sessions are tailored to you and will focus on learning the correct techniques combining running with strength, activation and mobility work. Homework will be given with training and exercises specific to you.   
At the end of the 6 weeks you will be given before and after videos.
**Pair up with a buddy for a 6 week course and both receive 20% discount**

Walking for Fitness Programme

Our walking for fitness programme aims to support those looking to start moving, move more and get fit. 
It is also suitable for those coming back from injury, those with neurological issues and those with mobility problems. 

This package comprises 3 x 45 minute sessions.  The first includes a video analysis of your walking technique and a movement analysis to identify incorrect movement patterns and imbalances. This is followed up with 2 coached sessions to improve your technique and get you enjoying walking. Homework will be given to help build fitness and correct any issues identified in the first session.