Runners Wellbeing Workshop


Cost: £40.00 - includes own exercise equipment to take home, detailed exercise booklet and refreshments.

This is a largely Pilates based workshop focusing on specific exercises that are designed to help strengthen, mobilise and stretch areas of your body that are key to improving running technique making you a faster, stronger runner who is less prone to injury.

We will start with a mat session introducing you to some great warm up drills and then following on with a series of exercises designed for building strength of key muscle groups used in running. Stronger muscles will help propel you forwards and hit that new PB as well as help to keep injury at bay. 

We will then be joined by Evie Serventi, sports and exercise psychologist and deputy editor of Running Fitness magazine. Evie will take you through her 'Pre-Race Preperation' workshop teaching you various practical tools and tips to help you run your best mentally and physically!

We will follow on with the second mat session which is designed to enhance your flexibility, focusing on areas that are key to you being able to achieve and maintain a great running posture. Achieving good running posture and technique are vital to ensuring that you avoid any annoying injuries. We will end with some relaxation and breathing techniques, perfect for calming nerves before a race.

Max Participants: 18