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We were introduced to Brett just before we started working at the hub. He was recommended to

Running is in his blood! Brett sporting his Grandads old international running vest.

help us with a few DIY jobs that needed doing in the clinic before we opened. We soon got talking and discovered that Brett had been hoping to run the London Marathon, but for the second year in a row seemed to be plagued by injury, he had given up on being able to do it again. Perfect candidate for our 'one stop shop'. We quickly got him onto the treadmill (as soon as he'd finished putting it together!) and had a look at what was going on. Respectfully, and he wont mind us saying, there was quite a lot to comment on! That night we also got him into the treatment room for a full musculoskeletal check and a treatment on the calf injury that he was carrying. We also found him a space in our Pilates for Runners class, where he (much to everyones suprise!) discovered his inner yogi!!

We have been working with him every week since then:

Session One

Running and Movement analysis (technique coaching and homework given)

Musculoskeletal check, treatment to calf injury

Pilates class

Post session progress – 2 short runs complete with slight discomfort but quick recovery and no discomfort during the day.

Session Two

Technique coaching

Exercise add ons

Post session progress – 7 mile run complete NO PAIN!

Session Three

Technique coaching

Exercise add ons

Post Session progress - one 6 mile run and one 11.5 mile run.. NO PAIN and more in the tank!

Session Four

Sports massage

Training planning

We're all feeling quite confident now as we begin the countdown to April. Brett has written us a few words about his experience...

"So I got a place for the London marathon in the public ballot! Last year, being fit (mostly riding cross country mountain bike trails and occasionally road riding), I ignorantly thought I could put on a pair of trainers and run. Few running sessions later, the injuries started and I found it hard to recover and continue training. I had to forfeit last year. Started training again at the end of last year and frustratingly was still struggling with calf problems. I met Clare and Amy at the Kent Running Coach and have had some running analysis and coaching, which was an eye opener! This has definitely improved my running and I’m convinced help keep the injuries away. The calf problem seems has gone since my first ever treatment with Amy. I even did a Pilates class that has helped me understand the importance of stretching and I’m now doing it regularly. It’s been a really positive experience, I’m not an athlete ,was just looking for help to achieve another challenge and the girls have put me back on the road to that goal. I’d recommend to anyone who’s struggling or looking to improve their running!"

You can keep up to date with Bretts progress on our Instagram page @thekentrunningcoach and his hashtag #boostingbrett

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