Our movement academy is the perfect start point for those looking to get into fitness or those who struggle with or have an aversion to physical activity and sport. 
Senior Movement Analysis

During this 45 minute session we assess your overall movement and fitness. This is used to set a benchmark and to identify where key improvements can be made. The session will help you understand how we can help improve you improve your balance, stability, mobility and quality of movement and help you develop your fitness. Suitable for adults looking to kick start their fitness. 



Senior Movement Course

This course consists of 6 x 45 minute sessions. The first session is a movement analysis which allows us to assess the child's overall movement and co-ordination. The following 5 coaching sessions will be tailored to address the improvements identified in the movement analysis.


Walking for Fitness Programme

Our walking for fitness programme aims to support those looking to start moving, move more and get fit. 


This package comprises 3 x 45 minute sessions.  The first includes a video analysis of your walking technique and a movement analysis to identify incorrect movement patterns and imbalances. This is followed up with 2 coached sessions to improve your technique and get you enjoying walking. Homework will be given to help build fitness and correct any issues identified in the first session.