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As a number of our services have had to be paused with the current situation with Covid-19, we have tried to create as much online content for our customers as possible. Please keep checking back or sign up to our mailing list for new additions.  We hope to be back with you in person soon! 

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Online Classes

All our classes are held live on Zoom - they are also recorded and can be sent to you if you cannot make the live class. All classes are £5 a household. Please email us at to book your place. 


Pilates with Amy - Tuesday 7.30pm

A general, full body Pilates class, suitable for beginners upwards. A focus on gentle movement, strengthening and stretching. 

Running Skills with Clare - Thursday 7.15pm

Clare will take you through exercises and drills to work on the foundations of running eg:technique drills, strength exercises, balance and so on. The class usually follows a weekly theme (eg: pelvic stability and dynamic core) and there is often an element of self evaluation, guided by Clare, so you can really see where your weaknesses lie and can go away and use the exercises shown in the workout to continue to improve, should you wish! 

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) with Clare - Saturday 9.00am

This class uses the DMS methodology, developed by The Running School London. It incorporates quick bursts of movement that challenge and develop the proprioceptive system. Great to develop skills for running as well as sports that require multidirectional movements such as football and netball. This is a fast paced, fun class and you will certainly feel like you have worked. 

Injury Consultations

An online video consultation with our specialist osteopath, Amy.

After discussing the problem thoroughly and taking a detailed medical history, Amy will ask you to perform some movements/tests to give her a clear idea of the issue.


She will then discuss with you ways to help the problem and prescribe a tailored rehab plan, which will also be emailed to you in a clear follow up after the appointment.  

To book an appointment please email 


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Biomechanical Run Analysis

NOW 50% OFF -£30

We are not taught to run. We just run.  BUT like all other sports, running is a skill. Getting your technique right and mastering the skill of running will make it easier and more enjoyable.

If you are interested in knowing more about your form and would like to work more on your technique, our online bio-mechanical running and movement analysis is the perfect start point. Prior to the appointment we will ask you to send us some short clips of your running.


The appointment itself includes a pre-analysis chat to determine your issues, goals etc followed by a full bio-mechanical run and movement analysis based on your running videos. A detailed report of your will then be sent to you highlighting inefficiencies and imbalances, how you can improve your technique and how you can run better, stronger, faster and longer.

To book please email

Training plans and coaching

We offer monthly and one-off training plans for both running and strength and conditioning. These are off course tailored to you and your goals and will be carefully designed to work within your limits, whilst still providing improvement. 

One off plans - POA dependant on what is required (standard 20 week marathon plan £100)

Monthly coaching - we will send you an updated plan every month and will have regular contact with you throughout the month to discuss your progress. 

Monthly running plan £40.

Monthly strength and conditioning plan £40.

For more details please email

Kids running FREE e-book!

This wonderful resource will keep your budding athletes moving. It contains all you need to build their running confidence - warm ups and cool downs, kids specific run sessions and running drills! If you require any further help, or more sessions, please let us know! 

YouTube channel

Here you will find online Pilates and strength workouts, kids workouts, running drills and more. (Please keep checking back as we build our library!)