Runner's Full MOT

This is our newest package - developed after we found a number of clients were booking in for run analysis and coaching, as well as for osteopathy and a full musculoskeletal check. It makes sense that if, for example, we identify a weakness of your hip when you are running, we can then look deeper and identify where that weakness is coming from. 

What do I get?

  • Biomechanical video analysis of walking and running

  • Functional movement analysis

  • Full body musculoskeletal check

  • Special musculoskeletal testing of any areas requiring further investigation

  • Full explanation of results (including a written report for you to keep)

  • 10 point plan to address any issues identified (including running technique advice, strengthening exercises, stretches etc specific to you). 

Please allow 90 minutes for this session.



The Kent Running Coach 2019

In association with the 1809 Hub, Hildenborough, Kent.