Pilates is a low impact, mat based exercise suitable for a wide range of people that focuses on improving strength, flexibility and endurance in all muscle groups. We hold a number of general classes throughout the week that are suitable for anyone, beginners to intermediates. We work on the mats and use a range of exercise props to enhance the class. Our classes are all taught by our osteopath and have strictly limited numbers so you can be sure you are in safe hands. 


We also run some sports specific classes - Pilates for Runners and Pilates for Cyclists. These classes focus on dynamic movements specifically designed to activate and strengthen key muscle groups used in these disciplines, as well as increase flexibility in common problem areas.  

For an up to date class timetable please click here.

£10 per class*

We also offer 1-2-1 Pilates sessions for those who feel they want to focus on a specific training area or that require a little more attention. 



"Amy's Pilates coaching is excellent! The sessions I have done are sport specific for runners and they really give you that mind/body connection needed to strengthen you!"

Jim, Tunbridge Wells Triathlon Club