For most runners looking to improve their running, the first tactic they try is to run more. It’s an intuitive, and largely wise, move.  After that, they might try changing up their sessions, mixing in hill or sprint work. Again, that’s a good move.
At a certain point, though, to keep improving you need to look beyond running. If you want to reduce the risk of injury and make running easier and more efficient you should incorporate various types of body conditioning aside from the running you do.  
Conditioning sessions target the whole body, using exercises to tone your muscles and strengthen structurally weak areas in your body to improve endurance, increase flexibility and establish a balanced stable physique.

6 sessions   - £240 (£40 per session)

10 sessions - £350 (£35 per session)

15 sessions - £450 (£30 per session)



6 sessions   - £150 each (£25 per person per session)

10 sessions - £200 each (£20 per person per session)

15 sessions - £225 each (£15 per person per session)

The Kent Running Coach 2019

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